Welcome to our tribute garden

The National Autistic Society tribute garden is a special place for friends and family to remember their loved ones. Each tribute fund remembers somebody special whilst providing important support for our work to create a world where everyone understands autism.

All Tribute Funds (234 tributes)

Doreen Adams

1927 - 2020

Evelyn Addison

Eric Ainsworth

Theresa Angel

Theresa Angel

Richard Archer

Norman James Arnold

1952 - 2020

Margaret Ash

Jayne Marline Atkins

1966 - 2018

Tony Ballard

1959 - 2020

Greta Bates

Francis Bediako

Peter Bennett

Mavis Valerie Blakesley

1934 - 2021

Ray Boakes

Francesca Borzellino

1943 - 2019


1940 - 2015

Karen Bown

Theo Jude Brennan-Hulme

1998 - 2019

Lorna Britten

James Brooke

Pauline Brooks

Pauline Brooks

Jay Brother Of Jean Ayer

Jeff Brown

Jeffrey John Brown

1970 - 2020

Geoffrey Broxham

1929 - 2020

Sandra Bull

Joan Burgess

Eunice Bursnall

David "Neil" Neil Campbell (Neil)

1930 - 2017

Neil Campbell

Winnifred Gwendoline Carnell

Julian Catling

Alexander Chadwick

Audrey Charlish

Siobhan Cheeseman

Erasmia Christodoulou

Michael Clarke

John Clegg

David Codrington

John Coggins

Elizabeth Collier

Janet Collins

Malcolm Condell (Malc)

1935 - 2018

Thelma Congreaves

Thelma Congreaves (Bonnie)

1937 - 2019

Rodney Graham Constanti (Rod)